Caught on camera- Northumbria Police and North Tyneside Council team up to make communities safer
06 Sep | 09:37

Officers from Northumbria Police have joined forces with North Tyneside Council to roll out a number of wireless CCTV cameras across the area to target crime hotspots.

Similar cameras are already in place across North Tyneside and the latest batch will be used to target anti-social behaviour hotspots and safeguard the vulnerable.

Acting Superintendent Ron Charlton, of Northumbria Police’s Northern Area Command, said how important these cameras are in taking innovative steps towards making sure communities remain safe and residents feel supported.

He said: “We’ve listened to the concerns of communities and we want to reassure those residents that we take their concerns very seriously and by purchasing these cameras, as well as other joint operations and initiatives with partners, we’re taking proactive measures to keep them safe and protected.

“These cameras enable us to move them around crime hotspots and keep up with changing crime trends and locations. They’re another fantastic and extremely beneficial tool towards tackling crime in the area- so potential offenders better beware!”

The cameras currently in place have already helped bring offenders before the courts and see justice for victims.

Cllr Carole Burdis, cabinet member for Community Safety, North Tyneside Council, and Chair of the Safer North Tyneside Partnership, said: “This is good news for the borough and the residents and will help make sure people are safe in their homes and the places they visit.

“As Chair of the Safer North Tyneside Partnership we really value our partnership with the police and these new cameras are very much a result of the joint working we do.

“I hope the cameras will help ensure we bring all perpetrators of crime in the borough to justice and make our residents, families and visitors safe.”

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Kim McGuinness, said: “North Tyneside Council takes a zero tolerance stance in relation to Anti-Social Behaviour – which I fully support.  This CCTV roll-out will provide a visible deterrent to those who commit crime and will help people feel safe in their communities. I welcome this partnership initiative, which will also provide evidence to bring those causing ASB before the courts.”

Watch a short video here to find out more information about the cameras and the partnership work being carried out:

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