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Cyber experts lend support to national week geared at improving digital skills
16 Sep | 15:03

The Force’s cyber experts have lent their support to a national week which helps people improve their digital skills.

This week marks National Coding Week 2019 and officers from Northumbria Police’s Cyber prevent team have taken the opportunity to encourage those with skills in coding, gaming, programming and scripting  to use their talents safely, responsibly and ethically in accordance with the Computer Misuse Act. They have also called on parents to take more of an interest in their child’s digital skills.

Detective Sergeant Peter Booth from Northumbria Police’s Cyber Prevent team said: “As technology advances, the skills needed to tackle cybercrime will increase and undoubtedly become more specialised which is why it is so important for us as a Force to get involved and support initiatives like this.

“Through working with current and aspiring industry professionals, we can encourage people, especially teenagers, to use their skills in a safe, legal and ethical manner and teach them in real, everyday terms, what constitutes as an offence under the Computer Misuse Act and how they can avoid falling foul of this.

“We would especially ask parents to familiarise themselves with this and take an interest in their child’s digital skills.

“There are endless opportunities for young people in our local area who have these amazing skills and we hope that by reaching out to them we can encourage them to use their talents and achieve a rewarding career in the cyber industry.”

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