Four suspected fuel thieves were arrested after a suspicious vehicle was spotted in Northumberland
02 Apr | 08:44

Police custody saw four new visitors in its cells after officers received a report of a suspicious vehicle parked up near Alnwick just after 11.50pm Tuesday (March 31).

Upon closer inspection officers found a teenager sleeping and several large fuel containers in the back of the black Land Rover.

Officers conducted a search of the area an soon located three men, 37, 28 and 21, all smelling strongly of fuel.

Following further enquiries the three men and the sleeping female teen, 16, were arrested on suspicious of theft.

Chief Inspector Kev Waring, praised local officers and their quick response.

He said: “This is great work by local rural officers who acted on their instincts and as a result we now have four people in our cells.

“Their quick actions ensured a timely and effective response which has reassured the community that thefts of any kind will be swiftly and robustly acted upon.”

All four arrested have now been released under investigation.

Anyone with any information or concerns about thefts in their community should contact Northumbria Police via our website.

Always call 999 in an emergency.


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