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The Force praises online resources aimed at keeping children safe during lockdown
16 Apr | 16:24

A top officer from the Force has praised a range of online resources geared at helping children stay safe during lockdown.


The educational tools have been developed by the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) and the National Crime Agency (NCA) as part of their #OnlineSafetyAtHome campaign which is aimed at helping parents and carers keep children safe and their devices secure.


The resources, for children of all ages and the adults who look after them, have been championed by Detective Chief Inspector Sharon Chatterton, from the Force’s Cybercrime Department, who wants youngsters to be empowered to spot danger.


She said: “It is inevitable that at this time there will be young people spending an increasing amount of time online. Unfortunately, there will also be people looking to take advantage of this.


“Protecting children is a priority for the Force and it’s paramount we do what we can to empower them to spot behaviours that aren’t acceptable online – and make sure they know to tell an adult. For example, this could be something as simple as receiving friend requests from strangers.


“The NCA and NPCC have created some fantastic tools which are accessible and easy to use, and help educate everyone about offences like sexual grooming and what constitutes an indecent image – as well as offering practical help about where you can access support if you need it.”


The educational programme kicks off by providing a 15 minute video to parents and carers and will offer new activities every two weeks.


Det Chief Insp Chatterton added: “The internet is a fantastic tool and parents and carers shouldn’t be afraid to let children use it – but I would urge everyone to do what they can to teach them about the potential dangers, just as you would about the real world.


“We will continue to proactively pursue online offenders to ensure they are arrested and children are safeguarded.”

Materials are all available here:  

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