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No need for speed! - Alnwick drivers be warned
07 Aug | 15:56

No need for speed! – That’s the message from our Alnwick officers after concerns around anti-social behaviour and speedsters spotted in the town centre.

Local Alnwick officers are warning motorists to watch their speed after a number of reports from concerned residents and business owners.

Reports also include anti-social behaviour of motorists such as parking up and playing loud music, littering and intimidating other road users.

Inspector John Swan, of Northumbria Police, has urged motorists to think twice before getting behind the wheel.

Insp Swan said: “Most motorists in the area drive with caution and respect for the road however a minority are driving carelessly and without thought for other road users.

“The vehicles tend to meet at various locations round Alnwick and then conduct circuit laps around the town and through the town centre, often accelerating then breaking at certain locations to achieve the most number of backfires from their modified exhaust systems.

“The loud noises inconsiderately cause residents and pets alarm and distress and it is also incredibly dangerous to drive on roads in this reckless manner.”

Our officers will be carrying out extra patrols and working within the community to educate drivers on the dangers of speeding as well as gathering intelligence to target repeat offenders and ensure communities remain safe.

Insp Swan added: “This type of careless and disrespectful driving is not something we will tolerate, especially in a busy town centre with lots of pedestrians and other vehicles.

“Continue to drive in this manner and our officers will ensure you see the full consequences of your actions.”

Anyone wanting to report anti-social behaviour or speeding can do so via our online reporting form on our website or calling 101. Always dial 999 in an emergency.


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