Not so fast! – Officers reunite stolen quadbikes thanks to tracker technology
07 Feb | 14:21

Officers in Hexham have managed to recover two stolen quadbikes after tracker technology was used as part of enquiries into a burglary.

The successful recovery comes after police received a report of the theft from the owner shortly after 1.20am on Tuesday (February 4), at a property in Riding Mill.

The owner wasn’t at the property where the quadbikes were being stored but he was alerted to the theft on his phone thanks to the tracker and was able to direct officers to the stolen items and the suspected thief.

Neighbourhood Inspector Pam Bridges, from Northumbria Police, said: “I can’t recommend tracker technology enough, especially in our more rural areas where offenders have miles and miles of unnamed roads and tracks to try and hide stolen property.

“These types of trackers can enable officers to swiftly and securely locate stolen items and vehicles and make sure victims are quickly reunited with them.

“They can also lead us straight to those responsible and help secure a conviction when we catch them red-handed with the stolen property.

“I urge anyone with expensive machinery or vehicles like quadbikes to get trackers installed so we can stop opportunistic thieves in their tracks and get them off our streets and out of communities.”

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