The message from our Mini Police is clear- “Don’t be rubbish- put your litter in the bin!”
26 Feb | 11:50

Every LITTER bit helps!

Our Mini Police in North Shields have been cleaning up the streets in the literal sense last week by picking up litter and helping their local community.

The bushy-tailed recruits went out and picked up bags of rubbish to help keep the streets of North Shields clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy as well as doing their bit for the environment and recycling some of their findings.

Local Neighbourhood Inspector Nicola Seymour has praised her mini colleagues for their dedication to keeping communities clean for everyone.

Insp Seymour said: “Our Mini Police teams care so much about helping others and that consideration and thoughtfulness comes in so many forms.

“They can be at big events, helping deliver crime prevention or cleaning up our streets- they all just love to help people and their communities and always do it with a smile on their faces.

“Our police force is incredible proud to have these kind and passionate children as part of our policing family and I for one love working with them.

“Littering makes communities look dirty and uncared for as well as having a serious impact on the environment. We all need to help keep the North East a clean and respectable place to live and visit. So help be part of the solution and not the pollution!”

Northumbria Police’s Mini Police can be deployed anywhere in their community to help officers in their duties and we have a number of different teams across the force area- from Berwick down to Sunderland.

Tasks can involve speaking to other children about how to stay safe and help others, meeting and helping elderly people in the community and taking part in big police events like the Great North Run, Pride and the Tall Ships.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining the ranks of our Mini Police or want to find out more information about the scheme then visit the Northumbria Police website.

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