Police pay surprise visit to school girl who wrote kind-hearted letter to local officers
02 Mar | 11:45
A kind-hearted schoolgirl has been paid a special visit by police - after she wrote them a letter thanking them for their service.
Earlier this month seven-year-old Bailee was asked to write a letter to "anyone in the world" as part of an English lesson.
So the schoolgirl decided to pen a letter to Northumbria Police as she "wants to be a police" when she grows up. 
Bailee, a Year two pupil at St Joseph's Primary School in Gateshead, also said she "loves to watch you on TV".
After receiving the letter, officers from the schoolgirl's local neighbourhood policing team decided to pay her a visit.
CSOs Rachael Kimber and Laura Branch were able to thank Bailee in person and give her and her classmates an opportunity to find out more about what they do.
During the visit just before half-term, they were also able to have a look around their patrol car and try on some of their uniform.
"I was excited when the police arrived in our classroom. I got to try on a uniform and sit in the car,” said Bailee.
“I was so happy. I still want to be a policewoman when I grow up. The policewomen who came to school were fantastic.”
CSO Kimber said she was delighted to meet Bailee and looked forward to seeing her in a police uniform when she has grown up.
She said: "It was fantastic to be able to drop in to the school to surprise Bailee and thank her in person for her kind words.
"It is always great to hear from young people who are inspired by what we do and have a positive image of police.
"It is important that they feel confident approaching us and talking to us so it was a great opportunity to meet Bailee and her classmates.
"She is clearly a kind and caring young girl and those are brilliant attributes that are important for a career in the police.
"It was great to heart that Bailee wants to be in the police when she is older and we hope she enjoyed her day."
If you want to contact your local neighbourhood policing team then visit the Northumbria Police website for more information.
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