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No ifs, no buts, no maybes - Northumbria Police's pledge as we enter second national Covid-19 lockdown
05 Nov | 10:43

Assistant Chief Constable Neil Hutchison has reiterated the importance of continuing to show the resolve the North-east and our communities are known for

A message from Assistant Chief Constable Neil Hutchison as we enter second national lockdown

We understand this has been a difficult year with lots of change, disruption and sacrifice.

And we want to thank you for the significant compromises you have already made to your way of life.

However, as we enter a second lockdown it is important we continue to show the resolve the North East and our fantastic communities are known for. The need to do so is simple and stark – to protect the NHS and ultimately save lives.

By continuing to do our bit, we can help ensure we are only kept apart from loved ones for as long as is absolutely necessary and that those businesses forced to close can once again reopen.

But this requires a collective effort. All of us living and working in the region have a responsibility to ensure we understand the risk, reduce the spread of the virus and abide by the regulations in place.

I therefore want to address you personally to explain what Northumbria Police are doing to protect you and your communities.

We will continue to offer advice to people who have mistakenly broken the restrictions.

However, we won’t waste time with endless encouragement for those who knowingly break the rules and endanger lives – they should expect to receive enforcement action, by way of a fine. No ifs, no buts, no maybes. We believe that is what the majority of you who are abiding by the restrictions would expect from us.

Officers will continue to work with our colleagues from the local authorities to visit those essential businesses which remain open to ensure they are operating in accordance with the regulations and where necessary support them in addressing unacceptable behaviour by customers.

When we receive reports from the public of suspected breaches of the legislation we will send officers where it is proportionate to do so, while balancing our response with other incidents we have to attend.

We must do all we can to protect each other, our families and our communities.

Please continue to #DoYourBit. You have my commitment we will continue to do ours.

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