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Cyber experts urge teens to 'play nicely' and remember the Computer Misuse Act - as National Coding week gets underway
16 Sep | 15:00

Our cyber experts are encouraging tech-savvy teens to play nicely when it comes to technology.

As part of this year’s National Coding Week officers from our Cyber Prevent team have called on young people with an interest in cyber and tech – asking they use their skills safely and ethically.

Cyber Prevent officer Charlotte Knill works with young people and teaches them how avoid falling foul of the Computer Misuse Act when developing their online skills.

She said: “So many young people have an incredible digital skillset when it comes to things like gaming, coding and programming.

“As we continue to rely on technology and online systems even more - skills like this will remain in high demand and are something which employers will be looking out for.

“However, we need young people to understand that there is an ethical and legal way to use these skills – and many teenagers are falling foul of this because they haven’t heard of the Computer Misuse Act (CMA), or they simply don’t understand it.

“Some activities such as booting gaming opponents off-line might seem fun and harmless – but actually constitutes as an offence under section three of the CMA – and the police might even become involved.

“That’s why through working with current and aspiring industry professionals, we can encourage people, especially teenagers, to use their skills in a safe, legal and ethical manner and prevent them from coming into contact with law enforcement and prevent their current hobbies having a serious impact on their future.

“We would especially ask parents to familiarise themselves with this and take an interest in their child’s digital skills.

“There are endless opportunities for young people in our local area who have these amazing skills and we hope that by reaching out to them we can encourage them to use their talents and achieve a rewarding career in the cyber industry.”

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