Meet Ryan Young, a Community Engagement Officer by day and Special Constable by night!
17 Feb | 10:05

The 26-year old had always dreamt of a career at Northumbria Police from a young age, his interest really started to grow after he got chatting with officers at local community events where he got to learn of all the different roles on offer.

It wasn’t just the prospect of the different roles that sparked Ryan’s interest; he had been actively searching for a new career within an inclusive organisation.

At the time when Ryan looked to begin a career, he was also coming to terms with being gay and he knew he needed to work in an accepting environment where he could be himself.

He said: “Speaking with officers that were from a LGBT+ background and hearing how they felt working in Northumbria Police inspired me even more to join.

“I quickly realised that being gay is accepted here and working in a job where I am able to make a change whilst being supported is everything to me.

“I’ve worked in a few roles but currently work as a Community Engagement Officer.  Working with different communities every day is something I love and am very passionate about.

“I often work with victims affected by hate crimes including those from the LGBT+ community, which is something close to my heart as I know how that person feels being part of that community myself.

“In my spare time I’m also a Special Constable within the Motor patrol’s department, I love the fast paced environment it really gets the adrenaline running.

“One thing that is constant throughout all the different areas of my work is that the organisation is like one big family, you can come to work and be yourself.

“I am really proud of what I do and I think this makes me even more determined and passionate about protecting and serving our communities.”

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