Online packages to help teachers in lockdown support children's mental health
04 Feb | 09:18

Online education packages for schools to help children and young people are being introduced by Northumbria Police in support of Children's Mental Health Week.

Dedicated schools liaison officers have developed online packages for schools to access during lockdown which address matters such as self-esteem, forming healthy relationship, harm and exploitation.

Everyday police officers are dealing with those in crisis and they want to focus on children and young people as well as adults.

Community Advisor Nichola Bone has been creating the packages, which help children better understand mental health, and hopes they can help teachers with early intervention and education to prevent children suffering mental health issues in later life.

She said: "The packages are tailored to Key Stage 2  and will be delivered by teachers to help children better understand things like self-esteem, bullying, peer pressure and online safety. 

"Young people are dealing with a lot right now and with the added pressures of social media, it can be really overwhelming for a lot of children. We aim to help provide a network of support to show that talking about mental health is good and we should encourage openness around it.

"While our Safetyworks centre maybe closed, we are still doing a lot of work to provide learning online for schools to access during heightened Covid restrictions."

Earlier this week Northumbria Police announced its support for Children's Mental Health Week and Detective Chief Inspector Lynne Colledge spoke of the impact mental health can have on young people.

DCI Colledge said: "These are difficult times so now, more than ever, we need to be talking about mental health. By using early intervention and education for children and young people to encourage openness around mental health can help prevent further issues in later life.

"It's the side of policing that perhaps the wider public don't see but it's importance is paramount because it is this early intervention and learning that can prevent children developing increasingly destructive behaviour through poor mental health as they grow older and keep them on the right side of the law.

Schools and educational professionals can access the packages by searching 'Northumbria Police Education Advice' online

Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (CNTW) is the lead agency in the North East for mental health. They provide mental health, learning disability and neurological care for people across the north of England.

If you need urgent help with your mental health or learning disability you can call these CNTW dedicated helplines 24/7.

For the #Northumberland and #NorthTyneside Universal Crisis Team call 0800 6522 861

(Those who are Deaf/hard of hearing can text 07887625277)

For #Sunderland and #SouthTyneside Universal Crisis Team call 0800 6522 867

(Those who are Deaf/hard of hearing can text 07889036280)

For #Newcastle and #Gateshead Universal Crisis Team call 0800 6522 863

(Those who are Deaf/hard of hearing can text 07919 228 548)

For North #Cumbria Universal Crisis Team call 0800 6522 865

(Those who are Deaf/hard of hearing can text 0779 565 6226) 

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