"Having an inclusive and welcoming team helps me feel ready for anything."
07 Jan | 12:08

Fresh off the starting block, new police officer Michael Khanye is getting stuck into tackling crime, supporting victims and bringing his own skills and life experience to the job.

The 22-year-old Londoner moved to the North East to study politics and law at Sunderland University before deciding to join the Northumbria Police family.

The new recruit always dreamed of being a police officer, even stopping officers on the street as a child to ask how he could get his hands on his own high-vis.

PC Khanye said: “Despite always wanting to be an officer I didn’t come from a police background and hadn’t even been a victim of crime before, so I had no real knowledge of the policing world.

“I was nervous about what that might mean and whether I would have the right skills to do the job. But I quickly learned that being me – my background and my own life experience – is what helps makes a good police officer.

“Bringing my own knowledge and abilities to the job and building on that with the training provided helps prepare me for what the role brings. Having a diverse and varied workforce means we can really provide the communities we serve with the best possible support.”

Working for National Express as a coach driver while studying, Michael’s customer service background has certainly influenced his policing attitude.

He said: “I’ve always wanted to give the best service I can, manners and kindness are the values I was brought up on. You do your best to treat everyone politely and with compassion, it costs nothing and can make such a difference to an individual or situation.

“Even criminals are people at the end of the day; they’ve just made the wrong choices. I’ll always work to give the best service to everyone, regardless of who they, their background or the choices they’ve made.”

PC Khanye found himself filled with nerves and excitement when thinking about some of the challenges of the job, he said: “I’m not naive to some of the issues I might face as a police officer, but having an inclusive and welcoming team helps me feel ready for anything.

“I also have a beautiful new-born so I was worried that would impact my work and I’d find it difficult to juggle both my job and parenthood but the team have been incredibly supportive and accommodating. I have everything I need to be both a good father and a good officer.”

Encouraging others who want to join the Force, Michael added: “It can be quite daunting thinking about some of the situations you might be in and all the things you need to learn but the support and training you get on the job is fantastic – there is always someone willing to help and guide you through. I’m really looking forward to developing myself and my skills.

“There will always be something in your life you feel you can’t do or aren’t good enough for but the reality is you won’t know until you try – and trust me a job like this is worth it.”

So if you’re ready to choose a career where you can really make a difference then come join Northumbria Police by signing up to one of our virtual recruitment events on our website. 

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