Sustained crackdown on motorcycle ASB continues to see positive results
11 Oct | 14:02

Officers across the Force have seen great results following a sustained crackdown on menace motorcycle riders.

We are aware of the impact this type of behaviour can have on our communities and are committed to tackling reports about off-road motorcycles and quads being ridden in a dangerous or disorderly manner.

Tackling that behaviour is a priority for us and we have been taking action to make our communities feel safer.

Our activity has been ongoing across the Force for some time and we have seen some great results.

In Gateshead, officers have been busy steering teenage troublemakers and their bikes away from wagon ways, public roads and open spaces with a range of partnership activity with Gateshead Council and a host of local petrol stations.

This includes visiting garages and taking enforcement action against those found to be hiding or transporting off-road bikes, believed to be used for anti-social purposes.

Bikes continued to be seized and notices issued to riders causing disruption.

Meanwhile in Sunderland, Operation Eagle continues to make a positive difference as officers work with the local authority to tackle off-road riders on Wearside, with a number of vehicles seized as a result of the long-lens camera now in operation.

And it’s a similar success story across South Tyneside with officers committed to tackling bike-related anti-social behaviour. A number of bikes and vehicles associated with disorder have recently been uplifted and problem riders identified.

In Northumberland and North Tyneside work is ongoing to ensure those linked to motorcycle ASB are dealt with robustly and do not simply move to a new area of the region.  A number of bikes have been seized and notices handed out to riders.

Officers are also working closely with councils and seeking funding to erect barriers such as gates and boulders in problem areas and a shared database has also been created, listing descriptions of bikes.

We recognise whenever we do share posts about this type of anti-social behaviour we receive responses about concerns in other areas.

We would urge that you continue to work with us to help identify those responsible.

We are committed to taking positive action to help prevent this type of behaviour, to educate those involved and where necessary seeking justice through the courts.

By working together we can continue to ensure our area remains a safe place for everyone.

If you have any information about bike-related anti-social behaviour in your community, report it online via the ‘Tell us Something’ pages of our website, call 101 or contact independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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