Two Community Support Officers hailed as heroes after their quick-thinking actions helped save unconscious woman's life
27 Aug | 11:16

Area Commander Chief Supt Sarah Pitt has praised heroic CSOs Jayne Rudd and Michael Burrows (pictured) following their crucial intervention

Two Community Support Officers have been hailed as heroes after their quick-thinking actions helped saved an unconscious woman’s life.

CSOs Jayne Rudd and Michael Burrows were ready to leave Boldon Community Centre earlier this month when they spotted a woman in her 40s who had collapsed in the hallway.

With the woman unconscious and not appearing to be breathing, the pair sprang into action – with CSO Burrows, 24, running for the defibrillator and calling the ambulance while CSO Rudd, 37, began performing CPR.

The team’s swift actions successfully revived the woman who started breathing again, a short time before the arriving paramedics took over.

Today, the highest-ranking officer in Sunderland and South Tyneside, Chief Superintendent Sarah Pitt, and neighbourhood Sergeant Christopher Ecclestone both paid tribute to the committed CSOs for their life-saving intervention.

Chief Supt Pitt said: “This was an outstanding response to what must have been an incredibly challenging scenario for anyone to be faced with.

“CSO Rudd and CSO Burrows should be incredibly proud of what they did – they have literally saved a life.

“Our officers and staff are often faced with fast-moving and complex situations during the course of their duty, but both individuals showed an admirable calmness under pressure.

“They immediately took control of the situation and put their first aid training into practice while waiting for specialist ambulance staff to arrive at the scene.

“I would like to thank both CSOs and everyone at the community centre who played their part in caring for this woman in need.”

The woman has since delivered a thank you card along with a bouquet of flowers and chocolates as a heartfelt thanks to all who helped save her life.

Sgt Ecclestone added: “It’s always nice to receive positive feedback from any member of the public, but it’s particularly special for the team to receive thanks from this woman who is thankfully now on the road to recovery.

“I’ve no doubt that this incident will stay with both CSOs for a long time, and they should look back on it with great pride.

“We all come into work trying to make a positive difference in the communities we serve, and there’s no doubt that Jayne and Michael certainly achieved that.”

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