Paedophiles who preyed on vulnerable boys living in a Newcastle orphanage jailed 
18 May | 15:30

Two paedophiles who preyed on vulnerable boys living in a Newcastle orphanage have now been sentenced to a total of 15 years behind bars.

As young men, Raymond Mongan and Alfred Spraggon spent time volunteering at St Vincent’s Orphanage.

But Newcastle Crown Court was told how the predators abused their positions and preyed on the vulnerable young boys entrusted to their care.

Their victims remained silent for decades until one came forward in 2002. An investigation was launched but officers were unable to locate any other victims and there was insufficient evidence to pursue a prosecution.

But in 2016, a second person came forward and provided the names of other potential victims to Northumbria Police’s Complex Abuse Unit.

They traced the six men who then bravely disclosed to police the abuse they suffered at the hands of staff at the home.

Mongan, now 85, was arrested in January 2019 before Spraggon, now 79, was identified as another of the abusers at St Vincent’s.

In June 2020, Mongan, of Wallsend, pleaded guilty to seven counts of indecent assault and two counts of gross indecency with a child, in relation to six victims.

Spraggon, of Fenham, Newcastle, denied charges against him – but in March a jury at the same court found him guilty of one indecent assault and three counts of indecency with a child.

The pair were remanded in prison but on Monday they were back in front of a judge at Newcastle Crown Court who sentenced to Mongan to 10 years and 10 months behind bars and Spraggon to five years prison time.

Sadly, three of the victims passed away before they were able to see their attackers brought to justice.

Detective Chief Inspector Graeme Dodds heads Northumbria Police’s Complex Abuse Unit and he has praised the incredibly brave victims for coming forward and working tirelessly with police to see justice.

He said: “Raymond Mongan and Alfred Spraggon are predators who volunteered at a local orphanage, not because they wanted to make a difference to these young boys’ lives, but so they could abuse them for their own sick satisfaction.

“Their actions have had a devastating impact on their victims.

“As decades passed, I’m sure they believed their victims would never speak out and they would never be made to answer to their crimes, unfortunately for them their victims were brave survivors who found the courage to reach out and speak out.

“Thanks to their bravery, Mongan and Spraggon are now spending their twilight years behind bars where they most certainly belong.”

He added: “I urge anyone who is the victim of non-recent sexual abuse to please speak out.

“Our Complex Abuse Unit is home to many specialist investigators trained and experienced in this type of investigation.

“We are here to support you and do everything we can to ensure offenders are brought to justice and you are given the support you need.”

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