Police Dogs trained to sniff out digital devices in the fight against cyber and organised crime
16 Mar | 14:16

In a North East first, two Northumbria Police dogs have been trained to sniff out digital devices in the fight against cyber and organised crime.

Sisters Milly and Mila, aged two, have become the first in the region to complete specialist training to become digital detection search dogs.

The English Springer Spaniel siblings are trained to locate USB sticks, SIM cards, mobile phones and other digital devices. 

Heaping praise on the working dogs, Sergeant Julie Neve of Northumbria Police’s Dog Unit, said: “Milly and Mila are exceptional additions to our unit. As digital detection search dogs, they’ll be invaluable assets to many departments in the Force.

“On the average working day, they could be doing anything from assisting the Paedophile Online Investigation Team (POLIT) in a home search for hidden mobile devices and helping uncover illegal images, such as child pornography.

“Their superior noses will also be able to sniff out concealed SIM cards or devices linked to drug dealing and organised crime – their potential is limitless and I really can’t enthuse enough about just how valuable they will be to our Force.”

She added: “Milly and Mila have both showed enormous ability and potential ever since they were adopted into the Force in 2020.

“Both dogs have been trained in-house by our dedicated dog trainers and underwent a special seven-week long course, in addition to their previous ability training.

“When not working, the sisters live with their handlers and are happy and much-loved family pets who love that they get to go to work with their owners.

“Good luck in your new jobs Milly and Mila – I know you’ll make us all proud with your many achievements!”

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