County Lines intensification week sees drug supply and exploitation tackled in all forms- even behind bars
10 Mar | 11:28

Last week, police forces and partners across the country took action and reaffirmed their commitment to tackling drug criminality as a week of intensification saw warrants executed, drugs seized, and arrests made.

County Lines sees ruthless dealers expanding their illicit operations through dedicated mobile phone lines which sell highly addictive substances at low prices to keep vulnerable addicts coming back for more - and the work to tackle the type of serious and organised crime doesn’t stop with our communities.

NEROCU’s Regional Prison Intelligence Unit (RPIU)also play a big role in tackling the issue behind bars by working with partners and the Prison and Probation Service to safeguard vulnerable prisoners and ensure no prisoners are still involved in criminal activity in any capacity.

RPIU Detective Inspector Deborah Lonsdale, said: “Our work doesn’t end when a convicted criminal goes to prison. We consistently work with the Prison and Probation Service and the seven HMPPS establishments located in the North East to mitigate serious and organised crime threat and risk.

“As part of the intensification week we carried out cell searches and searches of communal, recreational, laundry and property stores within the prisons as well.

“All this action helps ensure the continued safety of prisons and that our commitment to tackling serious and organised crime doesn’t end when a convicted criminal goes to jail.”

Prisons Minister, Damian Hinds, said: “Our hard-working staff have stopped over 28,000 smuggling attempts, backed by our £100 million security investment into specialist sniffer dogs, airport-style security and increased cell searching.

“Working closely with police boosts our efforts to stop criminality behind bars and pursue punishments, including longer sentences, for those involved.”

If you see something that doesn’t look right or know of any vulnerable people who may be involved in County Lines, please get in touch and help us protect them. 

Alternatively, if you have concerns or information, you can call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 111 555 or visit their website.

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